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remember when jake and amir used to be on vimeo

those where the days

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i made a horrible mistake

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I feel like I can be anything with you.
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what has carlos mencia been up to lately??? what is he planning??? message me if you know

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i love it when Jake and Amir do live shit

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donrickles replied to your post: top ppl i love on this website pt 1

woah i was not expecting this, thank you, i love you

really??? from day one i’ve expressed nothing but the deepest love for u, donrickles

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top ppl i love on this website pt 1 

jesse - what can i say about jesse?  they’re the best.  they’re hilarious, they’re my bestest friend on this site, i really love them.  they sent me a hamburger shirt for god sake.  they’re adorable and sweet and we’ll always be best bros.

meg - one of the coolest artists im friends with.  she’s funny and delightful and her art is so cool.  soo sooooo coool

cassidy - dude from canada who’s the bomb! he’s funny and he makes great gifs and he’s funny.  also any post he makes about his life is so interesting and weird.

liz - i’m so jealous of this woman.  beautiful, hilarious, living in nyc, great writer.  everything i wish i could be. i wouldn’t be surprised if she made her own sketch comedy show.  she’s so cool.

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i’m gonna name like my top people that i love on this website, hold on